Trading made simple for all investors.

Trading software can be costly and time consuming to create/source. We take care of the software so you don't have to. Feature rich and sonic fast trading tools at your finger tips.

Everything you need to trade efficiently.

Our software offers everything you need to get set-up instantly, from a dex replacement service like uniswap packed with features such as rug protection, quick access to gas settings and automatic slippage, all the way to full functional sniping software that gives you the competitive edge.

Use Sonic Swap instead of traditional dex's like Uniswap, get added bonuses such as automatic slippage, MEV protection and more. This swap does not require your wallet private keys

SonicSuite Token


5% Buy Tax. 3% to dev/marketing and 2% to liquidity.

10% Sell Tax. 8% to dev/marketing and 2% to liquidity.

Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter about your net-worth, fair pricing provided for all

Swap & Fast Swap


  • No Sonic holding required
  • 0.5% Tax on all buy transactions, or free when holding 0.1% Sonic tokens.
  • Rug protection included with fast swap when participating with 0.1% Sonic holdings.
  • Multiple wallet support for free/holding users
  • Fastest operating speed

Bronze Sniper & Mirror


  • 0.25% Sonic holding required
  • 2 concurrent executes + 2 concurrent mirrors
  • 1 wallet per execute / mirror
  • Standard operating speed

Silver Sniper & Mirror

Payable weekly via dApp.


  • 0.25% Sonic holding required or free with 0.35% holding
  • 5 concurrent executes + 5 concurrent mirrors
  • 3 wallets per execute / mirror
  • Standard operating speed

Gold Sniper & Mirror

Payable weekly via dApp.


  • 0.5% Sonic holding required or free with 1% holding
  • Unlimited concurrent executes and mirrors
  • 5 wallets per execute / mirror
  • Fast operating speed

Platinum Sniper & Mirror

Payable monthly via dApp.


  • 1.5% Sonic holding required
  • Unlimited concurrent executes and mirrors
  • Unlimited wallets per execute / mirror
  • Fastest operating speed

25% of all subscription fees are automatically used to buy and burn Sonic Tokens.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, join our telegram group and ask the team or the community.

    • Will Sonic Suite sell my tokens in the event of a scam?

      Yes, our system monitors all your executes, in the event of a scam - be that a tax honeypot or remove liquidity we will automatically front run the transaction.

    • Can I cancel at any time?

      Yes, subscription are not recurring and require manual resubscribing at the end of every period. If you do not wish to continue simply do not renew your subscription.

    • What networks are supported?

      Sonic Suite only supports the Ethereum block chain with no plans at the moment to enter other markets.

    • Can I share a subscription with multiple people?

      No, your subscription is tied to your wallet thus only 1 person may utilize a subscription.

    • Does Sonic Suite have access to my private keys?

      Yes, any wallet that you enter into our dAPP will require your private key. We encrypt all private keys using industry standard techniques for your protection. We advise all Sonic Suite users to operate with fresh wallets and regularly remove profits from wallets used within our system.